FAQ for entry to Vietnam in 2024


Vietnam visa

Do I need health insurance to enter Vietnam?

No, health insurance is not a mandatory entry document. You can arrange as you wish.

Do I need a PCR test/vaccination certificate to enter Vietnam?

No, PCR or vaccination certificate is no longer required to enter Vietnam. But they may be required to provide during the flight in the transit zones of other countries. Please check when purchasing tickets.

What kinds of visas are currently available in Vietnam?

Citizens of some countries can visit Vietnam visa-free for 45 days or apply for an e-visa for 90 days in tourism purposes. Other ones can apply business, work or investor visas.


  1. Electronic visa (e-visa) for 90 days in tourism purposes
    e-visa application on the website
    check your e-visa on the website

    - An e-visa is issued in advance on the website of the Vietnamese Migration Service, paid immediately when applying online. The cost of an e-visa = $25. Remember that the processing time is 3-30 working days;

    - You can order an e-visa through our manager by clicking on the button below. Our company also provides services for the accelerated issuance of an evisa in 2 days, 1 day and 2 hours. Conditions and prices can be clarified with our manager. 


    Legal advice in Vietnam


    - After receiving the voucher, you can print it or not, it's not obligatory. At the border, you immediately approach the border guards and show the app in your phone or printed paper. There will be a 90 day stamp marked EV. Photo and profile are not needed;

    - When applying e-visa, you must specify the date of entry. The visa becomes valid from the date you specified. You can apply for an e-visa while in Vietnam, but in order to use it, you need to cross the border;

    - There are no restrictions on the number of e-visas received. Depends on your financial capabilities exclusively;

    - You can check in and out in one day. From July 2020 there is no need to wait for the next entry;

    - It is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain an e-visa at the airport without prior registration on the website.

  2. Vietnam visa free 2024

    Visa-free entry
    For citizens of some countries, there is a possibility of visa-free entry to Vietnam. Specify this possibility for the country of your citizenship in advance. For visa-free entry, you do not need to arrange anything in advance, you just get a stamp in your passport at the airport upon arrival.

    When checking in for a flight at the airport, having one of the first two options, it is likely that the airline will ask you for a return ticket or to a third country.
  3. Business visa to Vietnam
    Business visas for 3 months are available for citizens of any country, most importantly for citizens of those countries that are unable to obtain an e-visa. Business visas are issued with a permit for single or multiple entry.
    In Vietnam, an invitation to enter for a visa is issued at the Vietnamese Consulate of the country where you are. You go to the consulate, hand over your passport there and they paste your visa there. Such an invitation is issued by the employer company, or by a company that has such an opportunity. Only if there is no consulate in your country (in the country of your citizenship), a visa can be obtained when entering Vietnam at the airport.
    You don't need to book a return ticket.

  4. Student visa in Vietnam
    Student visa in Vietnam for 1 year with the possibility of extension for another two years (3 years in total).

    - You enter into a contract with the university for training (and obtaining a visa) for 1 year;

    - A visa is issued for a period of 6 months, then an extension for another 6 months without leaving;

    - Classes are held online, connecting to online classes is mandatory;

    - Classes in the evening, the time and schedule for each group is different. Exact timetable after arrival;

    - Of the documents for obtaining this visa - only a passport valid for at least 6 months;

    - Any age;

    - After completing the training, you will be issued a certificate on the courses of the Vietnamese language taken as a foreign language;

    - Tickets need to be purchased only AFTER receiving an Invitation to enter (approval letter);

    - Entry through the airport, obtaining a visa at the consulate of the country where you are;

    - You can get a visa bank card or a mastercard with such a visa, you can’t get a driving license and can’t buy a bike for yourself.
    You don't need to book a return ticket.
    Text a message @VisaVietnamLeader for details.

  5. Visa for accompanying family members in Vietnam

    - If you are a husband, wife (marriage certificate), child (birth certificate), parent (your child's birth certificate and your pension certificate), brothers or sisters (minors with proof of kinship);

    - You can apply for such a visa on the basis of a business visa, a resident card or an investor visa of your family member. The permission of the receiving party is required for registration.
    You don't need to book a return ticket.

Can I use my old visa to enter Vietnam or do I need a new one?

If you have a tourist visa marked single, it will be canceled immediately after leaving Vietnam. To return, you will need a new e-visa or a visa-free stamp, if available for your country. If you have a long-term visa marked multi, you can leave Vietnam and drive back without reissuing a visa.

How can I stay in Vietnam for a long time?

To do this, you need to apply for a long-term visa.

It is called a temporary resident card or TRC. TRC is issued in several cases:

- upon employment (for 2 years);
- if you are a founder (investor) with an authorized capital of 130,000 USD or more (from 2 years);
- if you are married to a Vietnamese/Vietnamese (from 2 years);
- if you have an investment portfolio in a Vietnamese bank in the amount of 130,000 USD or more (from 2 years);

or an investor visa (DT - without the right to work) - for 1 year.

Our company helps with the legal receipt of a resident card, business visa, investor visa, student visa.

Text to our expert for details.

Is it possible to exchange dollars at the airport upon arrival?

Yes, there is a currency exchange at the airport where you can exchange dollars for Vietnamese dongs. The rate at the airport may be less profitable than in the city, so you can exchange part of the amount at the airport, part of the amount in the city's jewelry stores at a more favorable rate.

Is it possible to open a local bank account and get a card with a tourist e-visa?

Many banks open an account on a tourist visa, but they do not issue a bank card. The account also has a number of restrictions on financial transactions. There may be cases of successful receipt of a bank card for a tourist visa, but this is more luck than a rule. To freely use your bank account and card, you need a long-term visa for a period of at least 12 months.


If I bring cash to Vietnam, can I deposit it into my account and/or send it abroad?

When importing cash into Vietnam, you must declare it when going through customs control. To do this, you need to go to the red customs corridor and fill out a customs declaration. This must be done even if the customs officers wave you off and say that nothing is needed. Ask them for a customs declaration form, fill it out, indicate the amount being imported and receive a customs stamp. This will confirm the origin of the funds. Only in this case will you be able to deposit money into your bank account in Vietnam, send it abroad, or freely take these funds out of Vietnam.


What documents I have to take with me to Vietnam in order to stay for a long time?

Basic list of documents:
* the passport;
* birth certificate of children;
* Marriage certificate;
* international driver's license, or the license of your country, with the length of the visa, they are exchanged for a Vietnamese license;
* diploma, all you have;
* certificate or work book from the official place of work (if you are going to apply for a work permit). The certificate must be issued in the same specialty for which you plan to get a job in Vietnam. The length of service in the certificate must be 3 years or more;
* certificate of no criminal record (can be obtained at the consulate of your country in Vietnam, or at the Department of Justice of Vietnam, if you have already been in the territory for more than 6 months)
* certificates of advanced training (approx. TEFL / TESOL, C1 / IELTS certificate for teachers).

All documents can be notarized translated into Vietnamese and legalized in Vietnam upon arrival in the country.

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