Business codes with additional conditions for foreigners in Vietnam


Business codes with additional conditions for foreigners in Vietnam

Business in Vietnam

When you plan your business, you have to make an objective assessment of the amount of seed capital, which will inevitably influence the scale of your idea. Make decisions based on your skills and abilities. It’s a good idea to outline several options and then focus on details, making notes about significant features such as paperwork, selecting location, equipment, and so on. You can then compare the different options and make your final decision.

According to the law of Vietnam “Of foreign investments”, foreign investors can realize the following activities with additional conditions, which must be approved by the relevant government authorities:

  1. Real estate;

  2. Special consulting services (legal, accounting, tax, architectural and engineering audit, and others);

  3. Computer and related services;

  4. Scientific research and development;

  5. Rental services;

  6. Other activities of the service sphere;

  7. Information services;

  8. Audio-visual services;

  9. Construction services;

  10. Trading;

  11. Education, training, and related services;

  12. Environment protection;

  13. Medical and Social services;

  14. Tourism;

  15. Entertainment, culture, and sport;

  16. Transport;

  17. Production and sale of goods;

  18. Agriculture.

Many activities from this list fall under tax benefits for enterprises in Vietnam.


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