Benefits of buying property in Vietnam


The reasons for purchasing real estate in Vietnam.

Purchase of real estate for foreigners in Vietnam

The real estate market in Vietnam has opened up to foreigners relatively recently. In July 2015, the new housing law came into force, which greatly simplifies the process of acquiring real estate in Vietnam. For example, earlier in order to buy real estate in Vietnam, a foreigner needed to have a visa or a resident card for a period of at least 12 months. Now you only need a valid passport with a mark from the migration service on the legal crossing of the Vietnamese border.

Vietnam today is one of the most interesting real estate investment destinations in all of Asia. The price per square meter of housing under construction in resort areas and large cities starts from 1100 USD and in a commissioned house from 2500 USD.

The main reasons why the choice to purchase real estate abroad is Vietnam:

  1. The price of an apartment - for comparison, you take two apartments, one in a random resort town in Europe and one in Nha Trang according to such criteria - a new building, with a view of the sea, an area of ​​​​about 60m2. As a result, we can see that the price of apartments in Nha Trang is at least two times lower.

    In addition, coming to rest or wintering and renting an apartment or hotel, quite a decent amount is spent on the family budget. And if you stay in your apartment, then you can spend this money on yourself, and not give it to someone. Not to mention cases where you plan to permanently reside abroad. In any case, you can always sell the apartment and get your money back.

  2. Investments - the real estate market in Vietnam is only developing and is a reliable source for saving and increasing capital. Over the past 10-15 years, real estate in Vietnam has shown a steady growth of 3-7%, and over the two years of the pandemic, the price of real estate also continued to grow.

  3. Ecology and health - there is not a single plant or factory that smokes smoke or pollutes the environment with harmful emissions in Nha Trang.

    Buying real estate in Vietnam foreigners

    Buying property in Vietnam is not only an investment of money, but also a significant investment in yourself and your health. Here I can share my own experience, how the state of health changed radically when moving to Nha Trang, taking into account the fact that before moving we lived far from the most ecologically unfavorable region. Before moving to Vietnam, I was ill with ARVI and other “joys” once a month, and this was not only in winter but also in summer. In Vietnam over the past few years - not once.

    The Vietnamese government carefully controls the use of fertilizers in food production, and all fertilizers undergo detailed analysis and years of testing before they are approved for use. Vegetables and fruits grown in Vietnam have a very short shelf life. Local markets always have an assortment of fresh meat and seafood, which locals use for cooking right away, without freezing. And of course, the prices for products are pleasantly pleasing.

  4. Safety - Vietnam is considered one of the safest countries in Asia, including for women traveling alone. Despite the Vietnam War, which is still alive in the memory of the older generation of the Vietnamese, any weapon is strictly prohibited here. Violent crimes associated with a threat to life and health are just some kind of nonsense and there are only a few of them throughout the country.

    And in general, the population of Vietnam is pleasantly surprising with goodwill and a warm welcome. For example, if you manage to break down on a motorbike somewhere on a rural road with no any repair shops at all, then 9 out of 10 Vietnamese people passing by will stop and offer their help, and in most cases, they will not take money for it. But still, this barrel of honey has its own fly in the ointment, namely, petty thefts occur in crowded places of tourists, and thieves on a bike can snatch a phone or a bag from a gaping tourist. But the locals themselves do not welcome this, and when a criminal is caught, they can be severely punished without waiting for the police to arrive.

  5. The necessary things are always at hand - when coming on vacation, many people lack the necessary everyday little things that cannot be taken with them due to restrictions on the weight of luggage, and buying new ones each time and then leaving or throwing them away is such a "pleasure".

    Coming to rest in your apartment, you know that everything you need for your holiday is already there. Therefore, it will be enough for you to take only yourself on vacation.

  6. Social status - having a property abroad, you get the status of a successful person. For many compatriots, an apartment on the seashore is some kind of fabulous dream, but for you today it will become a reality.

  7. Real estate in Vietnam

    Opportunity to travel and visit new places. Vietnam is not a large country, but has almost limitless opportunities for travel - a very rich nature and a huge number of historical monuments and objects are waiting for you. Traveling around Vietnam is much cheaper than at home.

    In addition, from Vietnam, for a very reasonable cost, you can fly to neighboring countries, such as Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Summing up, I can say that Vietnam today is one of the most comfortable, stable, and calm places for investing in real estate abroad. Leadership TSC will provide full legal support for a property purchase transaction in Vietnam, as well as resolve visa issues for a long-term stay in this friendly sunny country.

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