Searching and hiring employees in Vietnam


Companies that are just starting their activities are always in need of staff. Based on our experience, and we have been working in the Vietnamese market for more than 6 years, hire local specialists.


Searching and hiring workers for a company with foreign investment in Vietnam

Searching and hiring employees in Vietnam

At first glance, it may seem that foreign workers will do a better and more productive job. Without a doubt, this is true in leadership positions and in knowledge-intensive professions. However, otherwise, Vietnamese employees fit perfectly into the modern realities of foreign companies. And there are at least several reasons for this:

Firstly, at the end of 2022, out of Vietnam’s 98 million population, 13.4 million people have higher education (according to the Vietnam Government Statistics Authority).
Secondly, the mentalities of European and Asian people are very far from each other. And achieving success in Asia without guides is a failed idea.
A fairly large number of Vietnamese job seekers speak several languages. Among young people, it is very prestigious to learn languages for further employment in a foreign company. The priority is English, as well as Russian and Chinese.
The difference in salary levels between foreign and Vietnamese applicants is very large.


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Formation of loyalty of Vietnamese employees

It is quite difficult to keep the Vietnamese team loyal to foreign leaders. It is quite common that some employees simply do not come to work after weekends or holidays. This can happen even without warning. And as a rule, the Vietnamese will not openly say the true reason for their dismissal. And even if they tell it, it may look completely insignificant in the understanding of a non-Vietnamese person.

Hiring employees in Vietnam

The loyalty of Vietnamese employees can be formed solely by their own example of efficiency, knowledge and skills, understanding of local processes and realities. It is necessary to organize corporate dinners, attend karaoke, and the leader must be present at such meetings.

Gifts before the Eastern New Year (called Tet in Vietnam) play a significant role in employee loyalty. As a rule, employees expect a cash bonus. It can be from 50% to 100% of the monthly salary (13th salary). You need to give a gift a couple of days before the start of the holiday, in no case later. And even if the bonus is transferred to a current account, at least a small bill must be placed in a beautiful envelope, which will then be shown to everyone at home, this is important!


Where to look for employees?

Recruitment vacancies can be posted on social networks LinkedIn and Facebook. The Vietnamese actively use them. A link to a specialized agency that will professionally select personnel for you. As well as links to aggregators where you can register and search for and hire employees, such as VietnamWorks, CareerBuilder, Vieclam.

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