Pitfalls with purchase of real estate in Vietnam


Features with purchase of real estate in Vietnam:

Real estate in Vietnam

  • You need to pay attention to which category a compound or villa falls within when making a deal with a secondary real estate;
  • You need to make sure the amount of the quota that has already been sold to foreigners when making a deal with a new commercial property;
  • You can't register at the place of residence without a Certificate of Ownership "Pink book";
  • You will receive your Certificate of Ownership "Pink book" only after all the apartments in your compound have been sold, and the Developer will receive a permit to register the Certificates of your project. In practice, it takes up to 3 years. For example, there is no commercial project of Muong Thanh Oceanus on the list for obtaining a Certificate of registration of ownership for 2022-2023;
  • You can make an assignment of rights to your property before receiving the Certificate of ownership. It means that if you would like to invest and then sell when the price increase, you can do so at any time;
  • Any contract for the alienation of real estate must be registered by a notary;
  • Carefully review the methods of payment for the property.

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