Expenses for housing maintenance and utility service


Housing maintenance and utility service in Vietnam    

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Housing costs in Vietnam are the complex of services that a management company or a single manager is rendering in this compound. Such as cleaning the corridors, garbage disposal, security and ССTV, elevators, fire safety system, and cosmetic renovation of the building. And as a rule, all apartments pay a monthly fixed payment, rather than calculated from the number of square meters. Take for example an apartment building in the center of Nha Trang:
- Housing costs is 470,000 VND, about $ 20;
- Monthly parking for each bike is $ 2,5;
- Electricity is calculated at a variable rate, taking into account day and night. In the summer period from May to August, with a constantly working air-conditioner, payment is about $ 70. All the rest of the time not more than $ 30 per month. For example, for 477 kW, I paid $ 50. Pay bills from the electric company come to the phone as a text, and on the email a detailed transcript of the receipt;
- Water and wastewater are paid at a rate of $ 0,4 per 1m3. My family of three people spills at least 13 m3 per month, respectively, paying $ 5,2;
- Internet - $ 10.

Total expenses for housing maintenance and utility services monthly payments in the summer are about $108 and the rest of the time $68.

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