Sale of land for a recreational project

Sale of 284 hectares in a picturesque place on the lakes 160 km south of Hanoi.
There is an agreement for the construction of a rehabilitation center, with the possibility of changing the purpose of the project.
We offer an investment project, the initial plan of which has already been approved.
The total project area is 284 hectares, of which:
1. 124 hectares - a site from the northern and eastern parts of the lake, where the zone of ecological tourism is located. There is a permit for the construction of low-rise chalets, cottages, areas for sports entertainment, camping.
2. 148 hectares - the surface of the lake. This is a place for swimming, individual fishing, a marina.
3. Also in the north there is a pine forest, which is more than 100 years old, cutting down is prohibited there, a great place for walking.
4. On the territory it is possible to organize a runway for small aircraft and a helipad.
5. Behind the dam 12 hectares for multi-storey buildings.

The owner of the land plot offers two options for the development of this project:
1. Only the sale of the plot, with the initially approved project - the price. That is, you get all the work, approvals and permissions yourself (with our help, of course)
2. The current owner remains in the project, equal to the amount of his investment (land price). That is, you do not buy land, but immediately make the necessary project and start construction.
Upon request, I will send documents for real estate and a project that has been signed to date.


  2840000 m2
For sale

Le-Vaganova Varvara

  +84 32 756 88 77

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