Moving to Vietnam


Moving to Vietnam

Moving to Vietnam

Like many others, our family enjoys vacations in hot countries. Following these holidays, we fall into depression and boredom with the distinct lack of blue seas and “sun shining like a diamond”. We had no choice but to find a way to move closer to the sea. Finally, we made the decision to move to Vietnam. Why Vietnam? For simple reasons. First of all, I speak Vietnamese. Secondly, We had spent 3 winters here already, so everything including our neighbors was familiar to us.

Life and Job in Vietnam

In the beginning, I planned to build a hotel, but at that moment my great plans were not fulfilled. However, I gained important, precious experience that I use today. I learned what it means to have a Vietnamese lawyer, to start a company you can’t use, and to have a business relationship with Vietnamese partners.

One day in May 2017, a man whom I know, who owns Catarchy, asked me to check their company’s documents. As I speak Vietnamese, I decided to help them. It was the start of an interesting project that inspires me and makes me happy every day.

Sure, everything wasn’t a piece of cake. When I came to the government offices, Vietnamese staff spoke to me loudly, worried to talk to “nguoi tai”. They were scared to speak English, so were concerned about how this white lady would communicate with them. Step by step the tension began to subside and I made a lot of useful and pleasant acquaintances. Vietnamese people like to ask about private life, even if meeting you for the first time. "How old are you? How many children? Do you have a husband? Where do you live? How much do you pay for rent?" These all began to sound like “hi” to me.

Moving to Vietnam

I wrote this post in April 2019. We have been operating for almost two years now and have our own sources of pride thanks to valuable loyal customers, starting to sell and support the real estate transactions, our own website, new employees and partners, and finally, we are ready to grow more and more.

I like to understand the intricacies of Vietnamese law, which upon closer examination turns out to be very simple and functional. Cooperating with these people inspires me for the best quality of services and information. I really want to change the wrong image of Vietnam’s business opportunities that the Internet is full of. I love this country, and consider it a second home.

You should think carefully about your inner motives and goals when you are thinking about moving somewhere - not only to Vietnam. If you try to find a place that will be better than where you are now, you need to remember that you are always taking yourself with you.

I write about possibilities and offer our assistance to people who have decided to change their life, desire to try something new, to get new life experiences. It's always easier to start something new if you have full information, support, and understanding from people who have already had such an experience.

I think everyone who wants to move to Vietnam for permanent residence shares three aspects:

1. Job opportunity in Vietnam

The most common question on forums: “Can we find a job in Vietnam?” I am confident in saying that qualified personnel are always hired! Read more…

2. Doing Business in Vietnam

Another option when moving to Vietnam is to start your own business. There are a lot of articles on the Internet about how difficult and troublesome starting a business in Vietnam is, and how everything is forbidden. Upon closer inspection however, it is evident that some authors of these texts have had no practical experience in doing so, while others have spread information from unreliable sources. Read more…

Contact us now and get an offer to relocate and start a business in Vietnam.

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