Job in Vietnam


Job in Vietnam

Job opportunities in Vietnam

The most common question on the forums is: “Can we find a job in Vietnam?” I confidently say that qualified personnel is always hired! However you need to consider a well-paid job abroad, including in Vietnam, you have to speak fluent English and have real skills in your profession. As a rule, an employer issues a work permit and resident card by themselves and you don't need to take care of it. Actually, a work permit and resident card are issued for two or three years, it depends on your position in the company. Read about the necessary documents and procedures here…

Our company Leadership TCS can help you with moving and employment. We offer a package for people who want to find a job in Vietnam from 4 000 USD.

It includes:

  • invitation letter for 3 month's visa to Vietnam
  • meeting in the airport
  • information meeting
  • housing search and rent for 3 months
  • rent a motorbike for 3 months
  • employment (subject to the provision of an education certificate and CV with the list of your job places, main skills, abilities, and achievements)
  • information support within a year

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