About Leadership TSC: its history, values and mission


A new article is dedicated to our company LeadershipTSC in Vietnam. We are a company that specializes in consulting in the field of sustainable business development in Vietnam and manufacturing innovation.

I can confidently speak about myself, because the company is my brainchild and my joy. I really love what I do, the thrill from the process is everything.

I started in May 2017 with a very common request from guys I knew to change my address. At that time, it took me 30 days, versus the usual 5. For the first year I worked on my own. Starting from preparing documents in Vietnamese, submitting them to various government agencies, to conducting inspections of varying complexity, also in Vietnamese. It was not easy, however, thanks to perseverance and the desire to learn and go through all the stages myself, I was able to eventually form a company with three physical offices around the country in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Nha Trang, employing 35 people and with more than 300 regular customers.

Now we - “Leadership TSC” - have become one of the leading brands in the business consulting market in Vietnam. We have created such an environment in the team that we have a staff turnover of 4 people in 6 years. Our employees are focused on customer needs and providing you with the best solutions. We actively attract specialists in various fields for current company registration and business organization.

Today, the company continues to pursue its mission, striving to create a more environmentally friendly business climate in Vietnam, clear and transparent advice with high competence and an individual approach to each client.

Le-Vaganova V.V.
CEO and founder of the largest consulting company in Vietnam

Over these almost 7 years of doing business in Vietnam, I can say with confidence that it doesn’t matter how or where you go towards your dream. ...Vietnam, Russia, the North Pole, the most important thing is to do it in small steps every day.

You have a unique opportunity to translate your ideas into successful businesses with Leadership, because receiving quality advice, strategies and support in all aspects of development, focused on innovation, efficiency and sustainability allows you to achieve growth, stability, and prosperity!